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Have you faced the problem of trying to send an important message over SMS, Email, or Social channels and the recipients do not even read?

Is it being sent to inactive accounts? Finding out the correct numbers or accounts too much of work? Read on below for a real solution.

EchoApp is a smart messaging gateway through which you can send official messages to a large number of people irrespective of the channels or apps they use. The messages get delivered to whichever app they are active on.

EchoApp will deliver your important message to everyone with or without the internet or a smartphone.

EchoApp has no group size limitation and communicates with several platforms through its patented predictive engine.

And what’s more, you get complete records of all communication on an easy to use dashboards with analytics and flags.

Increase your ROI with EchoApp today!

How it works?

  • Step 1 – Create a group with any of the connections either detail mobile number or email id or social app pass. Add as many contacts in a group as you need. It could be a million people. No need to save details on your phone. Assign admin or social roles.
  • Step 2 – Create a Notice, choose channels to send and if you want replies.
  • Step 3 – Send. Remember that only admins can send new notices. This is to prevent unnecessary noise of social channels.
  • Step 4 – EchoApp takes over and it’s predictive engine sends the message initially on all available channels of the user and then observes the users’ response. The subsequent notices are sent to the receiver on the channel of his choice.


Why select EchoApp?

Unlimited Group Size

Large organizations have large groups not 256 members. EchoApp has no group size limit. A group can have 1 million members also. Literally!!!

Important Communications Only

Only admin members of a group can send new notices. The members can receive and respond to notices if allowed. This eliminates communication noise.

Internet/Smartphone Not Needed

With SMS integration for Notices, EchoApp will deliver important messages on the go with or without internet or smartphone.

Total Control

Organizations need trail of communications. With the Admin dashboard, the organization is always under the control of the communication with audit trail of 3 years.

Smart Predictive Engine

The smart predictive engine observes recipient’s preferred channels of recipients and delivers. It increasing the open rate and lowers cost of communication.

Complete Data Security

The user data is never displayed to any users barring admins. The server is secured by SSL protocol, local obfuscation, DDS protection and others.

Core functionalities:

  • Only the sender needs the app to send messages.
  • Bulk addition of members is permitted
  • The messages are sent on the app, SMS, email, and social
  • Social is by opt-in only for recipients.
  • Optimized for important communication and not chats
  • Supports most variants of attachments
  • Only admin members can send new notices
  • Admin can allow/disallow a reply to the Notice.
  • Admin chooses the channel to send message: SMS, email and/or social

EchoApp Vs WhatsApp

A comparison


Group Size


Meant for

Sent on

Requires internet for delivery

Ideal for

Audit Trail

No Limit. You can have the entire organization in one group.

One to many. Only admins are authorized to send notices.

Important communications only

EchoApp, SMS, Email, Social

EchoApp, SMS, Email, Connected Social Channels

Formal Official Communication

Available for 3 years to the organization

256 members

Many to Many


WhatApp only



Only if emailed by the user

Multiple Uses of EchoApp

Transform Official Communication

Transform Official Communication

EchoApp is built for transforming the way official communication works. With its dashboard, admin controls, and multiple channel integration such as SMS, email, and other productivity apps, it just changes the way the official communication is taken up in your organization. Contact sales to know more.

Academic Communication Sorted

Academic Communication with Ease

Turn academic communication into an engaging experience driven by Professors and Teachers. From small class groups of 10 students to an entire college group of over 10,000 students, teachers, office staff et al can be in just a group. No limitations really. The patented communication engine of EchoApp makes the Internet redundant, literally! The Central dashboard keeps all academic communication records neatly. Interested? Contact sales to know more.

Set up for Political Success

Bring a difference to your POLITICAL SUCCESS

Connect across with all your electorate in just one touchpoint. Post your communication on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, and many more channels. The patented predictive distribution engine of EchoApp makes it possible with ease. Contact sales to know more.

Improve ROI on sales campaigns

Boost your sales

Connect seamlessly with your customers across communication platforms of their choice and increase your campaign CTR with enhanced ROI. Dominate the market with effective campaigns using the patented predictive communication engine of EchoApp. To know more, contact sales today!

Conference and events

Effective Update to Partcipants

A large number of participants for a short duration? Need a branded platform for managing updates and communication. The patented predictive engine of EchoApp enables you to Brand your events and conferences. Make collaboration fun without worrying as all the communication is available to you in a neatly designed dashboard. And what more, it also has a facility for registration of participants and recording their attendance. Contact sales to know more

Social Welfare Schemes

Reduce Bulk SMS cost up to 70%

EchoApp patented predictive communication engineis designed for communication to very large groups with diverse infrastructure availability, making sure that everyone be it on a feature phone with no internet or a high-end phone with broadband, receive all your messages at all times. There are no group size limitations.  Contact sales here to know more.