The 2 Exciting Concepts of EchoApp

The Concept of EchoApp Attendance

The concept of EchoApp is quite simple, solving real-life issues with technological advancements that modern technologies like ML, Big data analysis and AI applications offer.

Amit got this idea while interacting with a medical college professor who said that this activity of attendance recording in each of her class takes about 30 mins for 250 + students. Such a mammoth waste of learning time! Based on this input, a bit of further research into the concept depicted the additional loss of time in report making and collation. A dedicated staff is deployed just to do this activity.  In a nutshell, the current process is fraught with inaccuracies, time consumption, and cost.

The team came up with a protocol that mimics classroom attendance but makes that a parallel process through mobile phones and reporting it live. Because of this, it takes less than 10 seconds per class. That is some improvement over the existing systems. And with all reports neatly drawn up in an intuitive dashboard and downloadable customized formats, the colleges started appreciating the value of the solution. The concept of the solution has been filed for patenting and is pending for approval.

In our quest to continuously evolve with our offerings and product concepts, our latest solution for schools and offices the No-touch Cloud-Enabled Biometric Machine FACEMATE 7. This is our latest offering in the light of COVID-19 pandemic and other similar communicable diseases that spread with touch. FACEMATE 7 reads the face from a distance of up to 10 feet and marks attendance. Tested with well over 500 students for 1 machine, it is seamless, fast and accurate. It obviates the need to pose for biometric attendance. With uplinking to the cloud, it makes the whole experience seamless.

There are so many ways that these concepts have helped our customers saving money and time, building brand image, bringing accuracy and reduction of conflicts around biases. The absence of manual intervention to the reporting process has been the cornerstone of the solution

With more and more feedback came from various clients leading up to the point of the application finally becoming the first handphone based Face Biometric Attendance application. The fact that it does not require any additional hardware but uses the mobile phone of the solution

The Concept of EchoApp Notice

The Idea of Notice is intuitive yet powerful. In our work lives, we face issues wanting the ease of WhatApp while needing features that are not as limiting as WhatsApp or similar other apps such as group size limitations, channels and the noise of unnecessary messaging and lack of audit trail. The app intends to create an AI-based global broadcaster cutting across channels for receiving important information.

The Team

DILIP GAZARAO, Managing Partner

Dilip is a seasoned management professional with significant experience in green-field projects, MNCs and Public Sector Undertakings across diverse sectors such as banking, life insurance, retail financial services & health care. He has been a founding member and senior executive of two successful joint ventures: HDFC Standard Life and SBI Cards. An educator by his qualifications, his understanding os what ECR solutions need to do for society and be a commercial success. He has been the guiding light and the conscious keeper for the team. In a nutshell, he is the foundation that the team rallies around.

He takes very keen interest in travelling, reading and photography.

Amit Sengupta, Partner


Amit comes from a corporate background of building products, establishing teams and developing and executing sales strategies. He has been a tech entrepreneur for the past 4 years and has dedicated his energies towards understanding and executing core solutions. He is responsible for product development and day-to-day operations.

His passions are cooking and spending time with friends and family.