Facemate-7 Face Biometric Expert – Long Range Face Detection Biometric

Facemate-7 No Touch Face Biometric Expert – Prevent Disease Spread​

Facemate-7 A unique face biometric time and attendance system. Facemate -7 comes with a long-distance face recognition system which can detect a live face from up to 10 feet distance. It can be integrated with any existing payroll application.

  • Record up to 1,000 faces in under 4 mins
  • No queues required, No need to pose in front of the machine
  • No live Internet Required
  • No need to touch. Long-range face detection
  • Cloud-enabled. No local server required
  • No need for multiple machines
  • Live multi-hierarchy reports. Easy integration with payroll and ERP
  • Notification to individual employees
  • Dual Camera with IR detection


Technical Specifications

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