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EchoCommunicator Introduction

EchoCommunicator is your aid to broadcasting important official messages to diverse groups of recipients. It is not designed as a chat app. 

Easy to Run

Saves Precious Money

Saves Time

WAt its core, EchoCommunicator imagines a technology platform where you can send messages to a large number of people without having to bother about which channel or app your recipients use. as a result, your recipients do not have to use multiple platforms to receive these messages. With or without the internet, and with or without a smartphone, EchoCommunicator will deliver your important message to everyone that you want to communicate to.

EchoCommunicator is specifically designed for official communication of Corporates, Departments, and Educational whether in the private, social, or public sectors where a large number of recipients need to be communicated to. Consequently, it can also be used for wide marketing, political campaigns, and many other scenarios. It can also come in handy in multiple other scenarios: for instance, in running large marketing, political or publicity campaigns.

Features and Benefits

Below is a brief description of how EchoCommunicator implementation with its benefits. It aims to end the need to use various channels for information on one set of information.

Core functionalities:

  1. Only the sender needs the app to send messages.
  2. The messages are sent on the app, SMS, and email (if provided). 
  3. Near future integrations are planned with LinkedIn, FB and WhatsApp
  4. Meant for sending notices and not meant to be chats, to &fro.
  5. All kinds of attachments can be sent
  6. Only admin members (limited to 5) can send new notices
  7. Admin can allow/disallow a reply to the Notice. 
  8. If allowed, Recipients will need the Echo App to reply. 
  9. Admin can choose the channel over which to send the notice: SMS, email or Whatsapp

EchoCommunicator Vs WhatsApp

A comparison


Group Size


Meant for

Sent on

Requires internet for delivery

Ideal for

Audit Trail

No Limit.

One to many.

Important communications

EchoApp, SMS, Email, Social


Official Communication

3 years

256 members

Many to Many


WhatApp only



Not available

Cost Saver

How EchoCommunicator reduces Bulk SMS cost

A comparison of 50 Lac recipients for a welfare scheme for 12 months

Let us assume that a department has to launch a scheme to 50 lac beneficiaries and wants to reach out to them through a series of SMS notifications. Now let us see how the cost compares when the EchoApp is used in place of Bulk SMS.

Number of messages to be sent -50 lacs
Number of times the remainders or follow-ups need to be sent – 10 over 1 year

The Way EchoCommunicator will send messages are to first determine if the recipient has read theNotice on the app. If the notice has not been read on the app then only an SMS is sent thus reducing the cost. Let us see how the cost comparison will look like.

EchoCommunicator makes immense sense!!!

Why select us?

Group Size

EchoCommunicator has no group size limit. A group can have 1 million members also. Literally!!!

Only Important Communication

Only 5 admin members of a group can send notices. The members can receive notices. Thereby, eliminating the noise generated by constant replies on chat apps like WhatsApp.

Internet Not Needed

With SMS integration for Notices, EchoCommunicator will deliver important messages on the go with or without internet or smartphone.

Total Control

With Admin dashboard, the organization is always under control of the communication and has audit trail for 3 years.

Artificial Intelligence

The Predictive engine observes the pattern on channel preference and delivers the messages on the preferred channels of recipients thus increasing the open rate and lowering cost of communication.

Complete Data Security

The user data is never displayed to any users barring admins. Thus there is no chance of data leakage. The server is secured by SSL protocol and most updated data security norms.

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