Facemate 7 No Touch Biometric Machine

87,322.00$ 62,500.00$

Congratulations on deciding to buy Facemate 7 No touch face biometric machine with reporting system. Ideal for schools, colleges, offices and large stores.


It comes with the most modern Power BI based reporting system. The machine does not require to be posted to or touched for registering biometric attendance. The attendance is reported to the cloud server and then gets recorded in the relevant groups. The types of reports available are:

  1. Total members
  2. Gender bifurcation
  3. Members present
  4. members absent
  5. Active installation of EchoApp for updates
  6. 30-day attendance trend
  7. Daily attendance report with member-wise drill down
  8. Monthly attendance report
  9. Shift timings
  10. Automated notifications
  11. App for notifications and dashboard

For more on the advantages, please refer to Why EchoApp.

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