School Attendance Management System

School Attendance Management System

From EchoApp

Student Attendance Management System is a premium EchoApp software implemented in over 22,000 schools.

Make the attendance management activity fully automated and enjoy a better school image, save time, and get more teaching time.

It effortlessly handles the various attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes across countries and infrastructure. From recording attendance to producing daily attendance reports, absentee records, and letters and documents, it does everything with ease and accuracy. Student Attendance module simplifies school attendance recording and reporting tasks with ease and saves an immense amount of time and money.


School Attendance Management System

The Uniqueness of the System

The standout feature of this module is the cloud-enabled online presence reporting in a beautifully laid out PowerBI enabled report so the schools can access all student and staff attendance data online at all times. To make using it easy, it is available as a mobile app as well as through long-range face recognition biometric machine, the system does not require active internet for recording attendance.

If the school chooses, EchoApp can automatically send Email or SMS notifications or alerts to student’s parents for attendance which allows parents to monitor their children’s daily attendance as well as overall status.


Flexible Attendance System

In EchoApp School Attendance Management System, you can record class wise student’s attendance and leave in the following ways:

Day Wise Attendance

This module allows schools/colleges to take day wise attendance. In this case, it can be assumed that student is either present/absent for the whole day. It also comes with a check-in and check-out timing capture. So, the attendance can be taken at start and/or end of the day. This also allows you to send student’s daily attendance via SMS/Email.

Subject Wise Attendance

Subject wise attendance allows the teachers to mark the attendance for their subjects which could be required to fulfill the minimum attendance criteria for particular subjects as per norms. This is an easy way to check subject wise student attendance.
Thus this feature allows you to:
1) Manage attendance of the students.
2) Add attendance via subject wise daily attendance or student daily attendance.
3) Mark the student present or absent
4) Manage student daily attendance or a particular school, class, and section

Leave Module

This module is available with leave module as well from which they can cite the causes of absences. EchoApp enables school admin to impose fines for absences/late comings. Based on the attendance percentage of students available as a readily downloadable part of the dashboard, they may be allowed to sit in examinations.