EchoApp School Attendance Management System

EchoApp School Attendance Management System

How EchoApp School Biometric Time and Attendance Management System help Smart Schools?

School Attendance Management System

Is your School facing wastage of time and effort maintaining manual attendance for your students? If yes, then consider implementing School Attendance System to end manual attendance tasks. Have you not come across the right solution yet? Don’t worry! We will now discuss the solution to effectively solve your problem in an interesting way. To know more, read on. The traditional system requires manual entry of students and staff attendance on register or papers. It is a time-consuming as well as an expensive process.

To get simple reports, your teachers have to spend significant time. Also, the reports are generally prone to errors. There is no better time than now to put in placet EchoApp Time and Attendance System in your school. It is designed to handle many attendance recording and reporting requirements with ease. The main purpose of Time and Attendance Software is to carry out the task fast and with accuracy.

Advantages of EchoApp Attendance

1. EchoApp School Time and Attendance Management System help the central data management system. All updated student records are available at one place.

2. Teachers can spend more time teaching students.

3. The System is flexible to fit into schools of any size be it a single location or chain of schools.

4. EchoApp Time and Attendance reduces teacher’s manual effort of marking attendance. Thus, it ensures data accuracy at all times.

5. It alarms parents, teachers, and administration with instant alerts. In addition, it also updates them about student attendance data.

6. The system allows admin/staff to check the attendance records whenever they need it. It is available on desktop as well as smartphones.

7. It presents all the reports of a shortage of students’ attendance, late-coming and absence details.

8. It enhances the image of the school as technology-friendly.

Features of EchoApp Attendance

1. With a simple management interface, Schools administration can establish roles.

2. It is super easy to put in place with its bulk upload as well as the advanced deep-linking methods.

3. It allows Schools to share attendance reports through the app, Email or SMS.

4. It enhances healthy connections between students, staff, parents, and management.

5. The beautifully laid out PowerBI dashboard enables management and teachers to fetch student, lecture and class-wise reports for any duration.

6. It has a simple intuitive interface requiring no training.

7. Parents are updated with daily message alerts on their child’s attendance.

Modules of EchoApp School Time and Attendance Management System


The School’s administration can streamline and manage all the accounts. therefore, the teachers/students can only manage their accounts with EchoApp. The admin can create groups of and add/remove/edit staff, teacher and student details. With EchoApp, the personal mobile number is the login id. It is easy to remember and the password is chosen by the member himself.


Based on daily inputs, teachers can maintain attendance records. As a result, they can generate daily, monthly or session wise reports. EchoApp Time and Attendance System allow teachers to mark attendance with ease. It lets them track students’ reports with less attendance. It can auto-alert to respective student/parent to meet the prescribed attendance rate.


EchoApp alerts students of the effect of low attendance in their classes. The data cannot be modified at any level ensuring security and confidence. With unique login details, students can also access the system modules. They can check all the notices/messages and attendance reports.

Security Features of EchoApp School Time and Attendance Management System

1. EchoApp, a web-based application, is integrated with the biometric system.

2. The SSL secure system ensures uncompromised performance

3. The system is used by over 1 mn students and teachers.

4. Performance-wise, the system exceeds standards and suits all functional criteria.

5. EchoApp can be implemented for standalone as well as chains of schools.

6. User contacts are not visible or accessible to anyone except admin.

I hope that you got a fair idea of the benefits of the EchoApp School Time and Attendance Management System.

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