Attendance & Notices – Why EchoApp is No 1

EchoApp Notice

EchoApp Notice is a mobile-based cross-platform communicator for important ad hoc notices. The communicator works by using its AI in smartly predicting the end-user preference for the channel that they want to see the app notice on. It is not a chat app and is targeted at cutting the noise of unsolicited conversations. It aims to bring down the cost of communication to large groups.

The Notices can be sent by the admin of the group. A group can have up to 5 admins. There are no limitations on the number of members. When a Notice is sent, the sender gets to give the option of reply on the notice and if it to be sent over SMS also. The members can reply to the Notices where it is allowed by the sender. This app, therefore, is useful in the dissemination of information to the following groups

1. Departments running welfare schemes for a large set of beneficiaries

2. Companies interacting with their clients for launch, sales or cross-sales of products

3. Client interaction for banks and mutual funds

4. Political parties for campaigning

5. Law and accounting firms sending regular updates to their clients

By integration of SMS for the notices, it does not require an internet connection or smartphone to receive important notices. However, it brings down the cost of sending Notices by SMS by encouraging users to download the app. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more.

A simple comparison with the most popular WhatsApp will shed light on the objective and target communication and uses of EchoApp.

Group SizeNo Limit. You can have the entire organization in one group.256 members
CommunicationOne to many. Only admins are authorized to send notices.Many to Many
Meant forImportant communications onlyConversations
Sent on EchoApp, SMS, Email, Connected Social ChannelsWhatApp only
Requires internet for deliveryNoYes
Ideal for Formal Official CommunicationChats
Audit TrailAvailable for 3 years to the organizationOnly if emailed by the user

EchoApp App-Based Attendance

EchoApp Attendance is the most advanced mobile phone based BIOMETRIC attendance system for Employees, Adult Learners and School goers lowering cost by over 90% and increasing teaching hours significantly.

Here is a key feature comparison for easy understanding of EchoApp Attendance system.

FeatureEchoAppBiometric DevicesAttendance Register
Infrastructure neededNoneDevice and computer with electrical and LAN connectionLecture wise registers
Report preparationAutomatic including downloadsNeeds to be prepared by office staffNeeds to be prepared by teachers and then by office staff
ProcessSimultaneous. All attendance is marked in under 10 secondsLinear. Requires at least 10 mins per lecture Linear. Requires at least 10 mins per lecture
MethodsMultiple methods suited for Employees, adult learners carrying mobile phones and school goers without phonesStandard method only Standard method only
MaintenanceNot needed. Upgrades are automaticNeededNeeded
Suitable for Flexibly designed to suit implementation from very large organizations to small setups.Rigid. Cannot be scaledRigid. Cannot be scaled
Manpower requirementNoneOffice Staff for report download and preparation (higher)Teachers and office staff (highest)
Overall CostLowHighVery high

EchoApp Device-Based Attendance

EchoApp is proud to present FACEMATE 7, the no-touch face biometric attendance that does not require any queuing up for the participants.

Face attendance and notice

Especially suited for schools, colleges, hostels, and offices, the biometric machine captures face id from up to 10 feet. So there is no need for any queues.

Capable of recording up to 3000 face IDs, it has the following benefits:

• No added Infrastructure needed

• Requires very little time for attendance recording

• Works without internet connectivity

• No crowding at the machine for attendance

• Requires almost no maintenance

• Protects from diseases spread by touch

• Saves major costs

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